Stage Director

Live theatre is ephemeral. Because its ancient and historical roots are in ritual, I often ask myself: how I can honor this in contemporary performance? Surely theatre for our time is purposefully entertaining, edifying and, often, educational. But at its root is the ability to transform and heal. Since art is, by its very nature, the imitation of anything real or imagined, and theatre is art, how does a stage director respect imitation and simultaneously guide actors towards authenticity, honest and truth? I see my role as stage director someone who enters into the collaborative relationship with writer, performer and designer. Each cannot exist without the other through synchronicity, purpose and clarity of vision. Perhaps this is why I am attracted to new works? It affords the opportunity to create something from its birth into something that is fully formed.

Kingdom of Earth
Lifeboat Drill
Green Eyes
The Traveling Companion
Here’s Your Hat, What’s Your Hurry?
Agnes of God
Fat Ram
Red Masquerade