Opera Librettist

The Pleasing Recollection

A Theatrical Song Cycle

Music by Martin Hennessy
Words by Stephen Kitsakos

Coming in 2021

In the late 1970’s a young man landed ashore in Manhattan without a map. Trying to discern a vocation in the arts, The Pleasing Recollection chronicles his adventures in and out of New York City as he stumbles into some of the musical and theater giants of the era. Told through the lens of his “older” self, the score is at the intersection of opera and music theater as it amalgamates the vocal richness and emotion of opera to tell a tale that sings in the sensibility of contemporary musical theatre.

Here are the two beautiful performers, Michael Kelly and Benedicte Jourdois before recording some selections from this new piece of singing theater for baritone and piano at the National Opera Center in January, 2021. Stay tuned.



Excerpts from "The Pleasing Recollection"
"Tony and Bobby"