Coming Up for Fall, 2016 – Winter, 2017 in Key West

February 1, 2017 Jason

One-night only performance of The Rainbow Connection Meets Avenue Q : Muppets, Q Puppets and Music served alongside Hors d’oevures with Broadway’s Avenue Q star Jason Jacoby in a cabaret performance written and performed by Jason and me. At the stunning tropical home of Jack Paul & Maxine Makover in Key West! Weds. February 1st from 5:30-7:30PM.  https://tskw.org/artsandeats/January, 2017

I’ll be directing the play Agnes of God by John Pielmeier for The Fringe Theater of Key West, January 13 – 22nd at The Helmerich Theater, The Studios of Key West, FL. Starring Kitty Clements as Mother Miriam, Paula Cabot as Dr. Martha Livingstone and Morgan Fraga as Sister Agnes.  Lighting is being designed by Ariel J. Benjamin, coming down from NYC  for a week in Key West with us. http://fringetheater.org







November, 2016

I’ll be leading a play reading and discussion class at The Studios of Key West in November at The Studios of Key West https://tskw.org/37861-2/Bent



June, 2016 


Guest Director for The Tennessee Williams Project at The Nettles Collective as part of the NAC Salon Series of Williams’ Suddenly Last Summer performed at The Punto Space in Midtown West, NYC. Got to reconnect with Connie Rotunda as Mrs. Venable, Alaina Albertson as Catharine Holly and Alex Adrian Johnson as George Holly.

Love Letters

April, 2016 – Rosi Ware and I were featured in A.R. Gurney’s poignant and funny play Love Letters to benefit Hugh’s View at The Studios. The View will offer spectacular vista of Key West from the Gulf of Mexico to the Atlantic Ocean and will be open tothe public 7-days a week with performances, exhibits, refreshment and entertainment. We were directly by the brilliant Murphy Davis (who had earlier staged the play with Cliff Robertson & Elaine Stritch). Sold out

December, 2015 – After a long(ish) break from working in theatre, I directed a short play by Alice Gerstenberg, aFringen early 20th century playwright,  feminist and leader in The Little Theatre Movement, called The Unseen as part of an evening of short plays by Gerstenberg called Alice’s Parlor 2. These were plays written to be performed in “parlors” and the production company, The Fringe Theater of Key West, produces “immersion theater” with site-specific venues. Alice’s Parlor 2 runs from Dec. 2nd through Dec. 12th in the living room and dining room of a pre-Civil War era historic house here in Key West http://fringetheater.org

December, 2015 –  Additional workshops/performances of Act One of A Thousand Splendid Suns. Company of 17 coming to Key West on January 10th to workshop all of Act One of the opera at The Studios of Key West. Funded by the National Endowment for the Arts, in partnership with The Studios of Key West and American Opera Projects httpStephen Kitsakoss://tskw.org/1000-splendid-suns-2/

This will be followed by an orchestral reading for the 45-piece NOVUS NY Orchestra of excerpts at Opera America’s New Opera Showcase on Monday, January 18th in New York City http://www.operaamerica.org/Content/OperaCenter/Onstage/Index.aspx

April, 2015 – A Thousand Splendid Suns, the Opera Workshop has been cast http://www.sheilasilver.com/workshop-presentation-for-a-thousand-splendid-suns/ Two performances on June 1st at the National Opera Center.

March, 2015 – The book has been released and is now available at Amazon, B&N.com and selected Indie Bookstores. Check out the Books Page for a listing of events that are upcoming.

February, 2015 – Inaugural book launch  will be March 18th. Here’s the link to the event: https://tskw.org/the-accidental-pilgrim-a-reading-with-stephen-kitsakos/

Another preview blurb:

“A can’t-put-it-down mystery of the heart, the soul, and lives–past, present, and future–lived at the intersection of religion, science, and a deep connection to the atavistic mysteries of our origins. As we traverse alongside protagonist Rose Strongin’s journey, we cannot help but ponder, as she does, the route we all take toward self-discovery, compassion, and love for family through secrets revealed in the end.  However, THE ACCIDENTAL PILGRIM leaves us questioning is there really ever a true end?”
Linda Rader Overman, author of “Letters Between Us” (Plain View Press) (Next Generation Indie Book Award Finalist) 

January, 2015 – Advance praise for The Accidental Pilgrim.

“THE ACCIDENTAL PILGRIM, by Stephen Kitsakos, is a riveting read that spans geographical distance even as it explores the tension between science and altered states, visible evidence and crucial pieces unavailable to the naked eye. Marine biologist Rose Strongin’s decision to join an archeological excavation in Israel sets events in motion that will test the fabric of her life and those close to her. With consummate skill, Kitsakos threads a labyrinth of questions to find the answer at its center. What is revealed will take your breath away. In the end, THE ACCIDENTAL PILGRIM embraces the greatest mystery of all: what connects us to our ancestors, ourselves and each other.”

Paul Pines, author of “The Tin Angel” (William Morrow) and “My Brother’s Madness” (Curbstone Press)

“THE ACCIDENTAL PILGRIM weaves together a compelling story of a pragmatic scientist –steeped in 21st century rationality — who must confront an irrational situation that confounds everything she believes in.  Told through a series of time-distorting flashbacks, Stephen Kitsakos’s novel starts by building a comfortable and familiar world, then quite by surprise reality changes.  From that point onward it is impossible to put the book down.  At times sad, at times eerie, it’s a haunting tale of love, death, and spiritual immortality.”

John Feldman, writer/director “EVO: Ten Questions Everyone Should Ask about Evolution” Hummingbird Films.

“An intriguing family drama with an otherworldly twist.”

Laurence Carr, author of “Pancake Hollow Primer” (Codhill Press) (Next Generation Indie Book Award Winner)

“A beautifully written page turner that reveals the strength of family relationships against the backdrop of a mysterious archaeological discovery in the Holy Land.”

Sharon Boorstin, author of “Let Us Eat Cake: Adventures in Food & Friendship” (Harper-Collins)

“A story so easy to be drawn into, to want to know what happens next, to enjoy the hints, and finally to be let in on the secret.”

Carole Bell Ford grew up in Brooklyn; her most recent book, “After the Girls Club” (Lexington Books) takes place the same time that this tale begins.

December, 2014 – Audio excerpts for A Thousand Splendid Suns have been recorded (piano/vocal) with mezzo-soprano Cynthia Cook and soprano Vira Slywotsky. http://www.operaprojects.org/suns. They are available to listen either in MP3 or AIF format at the American Opera Projects website or just stay here at my site.

The Studios of Key West will host a Book Release/Reading & Signing Event for The Accidental Pilgrim on Weds. March 18th art 5:00pm at their main building on Eaton Street. More info coming.  ______________________________________________

October 20The Accidental Pilgrim by Stephen Kistakos14 – ASD Media & Entertainment will release my novel The Accidental Pilgrim through their publishing division in Spring, 2015. Cover book jacket and promotional materials are being designed now. http://www.asdpublishing.com


A Thousand Splendid SunsSeptember 2014 – The first workshop of A Thousand Splendid Suns will be held at the National Opera Center at 330 7th Avenue, New York, NY on Monday, June 1, 2015. There will be two performances, app. 45 minutes, of excerpts from Act One, Scene One, Scene Two, Scene Three and Scene Five. Featuring 8 singers and small orchestra. The workshop is directed by Leslie Swackhamer and conducted by Sara Jobin. Performances are at 5:00pm and 8:00pm followed by short talkback. Info on how to get invited will be available after April 1st. http://operaamerica.org